5 Tips for Your Best IoT Website Design

5 Tips for Your Best IoT Website Design

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If you've been considering a website redesign or are in need of a completely new website, you're probably wondering where to begin. It can be a daunting process considering it is probably one of the most important pieces of collateral your brand will have throughout it's lifetime. 

In this ever-changing tech space, websites are growing and evolving to meet the needs of their potential customers. We know more than ever through sophisticated analytics tools and thus, there is no excuse for having a website that doesn't meet those needs. 

Below are some tips to creating your most successful website that will truly bring your brand to the next level:

Be Fearless

This is my most unconventional advice but I always feel the need to inform people that fearlessness is the key to greatness when it comes to design. A lot of companies fear that their customers just won't understand what they do unless they list all of those things out. Not only does this clutter up your site, it gives off an image that shows a lack of confidence. 

If you are able to be innovative in your website design as well as clean and concise, your customers and potential customers are going to be impressed. You only really have to give enough information to pique everyone's interest and get them wanting more. This is when they will contact a sale's person and get all the nitty gritty details they need. 

All great and famous companies have been fearless in the design of their brand. Consider companies like Apple, Nike, and Google. These companies aren't cluttering up any collateral with unneccessary information - and look where that's gotten them.  

Keep Mobile at the Forefront 

It's kind of obvious these days but the majority of your users will be coming from a mobile device or a tablet. Since most tech-focused people are always on the go, they are likely not viewing your website on a desktop computer. You'd be surprised but a lot of companies still don't get this right. 

When designing your website, ensure that mobile and responsive design are at the forefront. You should have a designer working on all components of each device type and considering how this effects the user experience. When you are viewing designs, be sure to put yourself in the position of the user; testing out every page, user action, and button. After the site goes live, look at it on a variety of different device brands and sizes.

Remember Your User Journies

In our website design process, one of the most important steps we take is creating buyer personas and then taking them through what we call a user journey. During this process, we consider each of our potential customers as an actual person. We give them context and then we estimate what they desire when they come to the site. Through knowing these desires, we can strategically place content and CTA's on the site to lead them through the marketing funnel and get really high quality leads. 

We consider this one of the most vital pieces of the process and believe that it improves a visitor's user experience and our knowledge of your potential clients. We will use this throughout the lifetime of your site to analyze and measure user's responses. This way your site is always working for you AND your customers.

Do Some Testing

When all is said and done and your website has gone live, be sure that you have multiple people testing your site on a diverse range of devices. It is a step that must not be neglected or you could have pieces of your site that aren't working. This can potentially hinder some of your users from becoming new customers. 

Doing everything you can to ensure good usability is never a bad idea. Our recommendation is to do plenty of testing during development but don't forget to thoroughly test one more time post-launch. 

Never Stop Iterating

Continually testing and analyzing your site as time passes will ensure that it remains successful. There are a variety of growth-driven tools on the market to help you do this. The first version of your website that is launched is kind of like a first draft and if you don't iterate and continually grow within your industry, you might start seeing a lower number of leads. 

Make sure you have a team on hand that knows how to make the most of the tools you have and can help you grow. 

Want to start making the most of your IoT website design? 

Contact us today to learn more about our web design services.

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