IoT Roundup: Five Cool IoT Gifts For The Holidays

IoT Roundup: Five Cool IoT Gifts For The Holidays

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The holiday season is now in full swing! It's time to find the perfect gift for family and friends. We love all things tech so we wanted to provide a few gift options to help you rock Christmas morning.

1. WyzeCam

I found this smart camera a couple months ago and immediately fell in love with the tech (not to mention the $19.99 price point). This is the perfect gift for anyone in the family that isn't too tech-savvy but wants to dip their toes in the smart home pond. Super easy setup, intuitive app, built in 14 day rolling cloud storage with the option to store locally on an SD card. Did I mention it was only $19.99!?!? 

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2. Droid Inventor Kit

This is the best year yet for smart childrens toys. This is one of my personal favorites because not only can they learn about motors and sensors while building - it also includes 16+ missions to complete once it is built! You can also modify the droid as they leanr more with other parts from littleBits. At $99 it is definitely not a stocking stuffer but can provide hours of learning and fun!

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3. CURB Energy Monitor

This gift is perfect for the penny pincher in your life. The one who turns off all of the lights, sees how far into winter they can survive without turning on the heat, and possibly even yells "stay in or stay out" to your kids. This monitor allows you to connect directly to your breaker box - discovering energy trends and predicting future energy bills. 

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4. Amazon Dash Wand

Everyone probably already has an Echo or Echo Dot but Amazon has kicked it up a notch with the Dash Wand. With Alexa built in you can convert cups to ounces, reorder essentials, check the weather and more. The best part of this device is the built in scanner allowing the user to re-order items already in your pantry that you might not have ordered from Amazon in the first place. 

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5. NETATMO Presence Outdoor Camera & Light

I've recently been looking for smart motion lights for my home and cam across this product. Not only can you turn on the light from your smartphone - it can detect dogs, cars and people - allowing you to set up different alerts for each type. It is easy to install, replacing any current outdoor light, and includes the option for local SD video storage as well as paid cloud storage. 

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