Coming Back to Ourselves: The Importance of a Week-Long Company Sprint (and what it taught us)

Coming Back to Ourselves: The Importance of a Week-Long Company Sprint (and what it taught us)

In the day-to-day life of a small agency, about 85% of our time is spent with our heads down in the weeds doing our favorite thing: Meaningful client work. The other 15% of our time is spent reminding each other to drink water, doing acro yoga, and perfecting our dad jokes. 


While we spend the majority of our time working, we like to have a little fun every now and then. Here at ThreeTwelve we always strive to provide a fulfilling and engaging work environment for our employees. Of course, that includes a couple of laughs and a sprinkle of fun!

Regardless of how much time we spend making sure everyone’s happy and working optimally, we forget about our own work sometimes. We can get so bogged down in client work that we neglect our own marketing and content creation efforts.

As an agency, we have had a realization: In order to be the best company we can be for our clients, we have to be able to take care of ourselves. We have to practice what we preach.

It’s really a universal idea but in the midst of all the work, we had lost sight of the most important client: ourselves. 

Since we are an action-oriented company, we didn’t sit long with this thought. Instead, we decided to go ahead and block off a week. We work with the sprint methodology as an agile agency so we had to be mindful of the time we took. Obviously, our work for clients comes first so we made a plan.

For one sprint, we divided the work down the middle. One week would be spent finishing up all client work and the next was all ours. We formally notified our clients, set up an auto reply for our emails, and hit the ground running.


This was the best method for our team in order to truly take a week off without any client work. In the end, our week was pretty awesome! We were able to achieve some really big milestones as a team:

Redesigned and built a website for ourselves

- Created a 6 month content calendar
- Made a social media plan
- Compiled a sales funnel campaign and created all supporting collateral

This amount of work would take us months on top of client work so we marked it as a great success. Below are some reasons that it would be a wonderful idea to have a week-long concentrated sprint for your own company: 



Sometimes the team needs a reset

In our daily grind as an agency, it can be challenging to stay connected and aligned as a team. In between acquiring clients and gaining new team members, everyone isn’t always on the same page.

Our first step for the week truly was to lay some foundations for the team. Before we did anything, we gathered together and really came back to all that is important to us. Getting back to basics felt like a truer start than any other. We reiterated our company mission and vision statements, talked about our buyer personas, and did a few team building exercises to get the ball rolling.

Having all of these reminders got us realigned again and truly ensured that we were all collaborating towards the same goal. As an agency, there is no greater force.



It cuts down on the total timeline of your internal projects

Do you ever feel like it is impossible to get anything done for your agency because you are always treading water with client work? If so, this week is a perfect idea for your company.

All of the work we were able to complete for ourselves would have truly taken months and we got it done in a week. As long as you are planning ahead, client work won’t suffer and you will come out of the sprint with a lot of deliverables to move forward with.



Team building opportunities become abundant

Since we were spending a lot more time together collaborating, zoning in on work, and brainstorming, it was necessary to take breaks to refresh. Since this became a necessity, we did some stuff as a team that we’ve never done before.

We had a couple of lunches together, did some team bike rides on the Riverwalk, and a couple of team walks as well. This allowed us to feel refreshed and also get to know each other better as people outside of the work environment.



By the end of the week, we had strong short-term and long-term goals

When you get your entire company together to brainstorm, you realize just how many good ideas everyone has. Not only did everyone have wonderful ideas about how to stay fresh and happy as a team, we also came up with strategies for content, campaigns, and social media.

With all of this extra time for ourselves, we were able to give more thoughts to our ideas so that they were well fleshed out and accessible. Sometimes someone will give an idea and we will say, “Hey! That’s a great idea!” but we don’t put the time in to make that happen.

With ThreeTwelve week, we made sure our goals were SMART goals and it has been much easier to execute them because of that.

These are really just a few reasons that a week-long sprint would be an awesome idea for your company. We came out of it stronger and better able to do better work for our clients. If you’d like to work with a cool agile agency like ourselves or have more questions about this idea, feel free to contact us.

Featured Image Credit: Marco Martina

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