Do Big Things with a Microsite: 8 Reasons to Build One for Your Next Campaign

Do Big Things with a Microsite: 8 Reasons to Build One for Your Next Campaign

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Let's start this conversation by defining just what a microsite is. It's different things to different people, but I like to think of them as landing pages on steroids. They are standalone pages, usually on a dedicated domain or subdomain, that promote a single initiative, product or campaign. They frequently have a design that deviates -- at least a bit -- from the primary website and have hyper-specific, hyper-targeted messaging.

Microsites are cost-effective, fast to launch and can deliver high-value marketing payoff. Here's a list of eight benefits we've seen for clients using microsites in their marketing strategy:

1. Microsites are like landing pages on steroids

With more available real estate you have more opportunity to educate and persuade. You can use the home page to tell a story and use deeper pages to give more detailed product information, show videos, host a blog, provide downloadable resources, etc.

2. Microsites are hyper-targeted

Microsites have a specific message for a specific audience. You can avoid the "please everyone" trap and keep your messaging targeted to the exact persona or customer you want to reach. This has the added benefit of making targeted paid campaigns more successful.

3. Microsites give you creative freedom

You shouldn't abandon all your branding but microsites can be freed from (at least some of) the constraints of the brand, allowing more creativity. Microsites can be playful and show more personality.

4. Microsites build engagement and create community

You can use a microsite to build a niche community and build customer engagement. Because the topic is specific, your microsite will draw like-minded people Use this to build engagement and conversation through a blog, connecting social media, or user forums.

5. Microsites are cost-effective

With streamlined content and architecture, microsites can be built out very quickly and then immediately used to bolster campaigns, product launches and initiatives.

6. Microsites give you an SEO boost

With a hyper-specific topic, microsites are far easier to optimize for search engines. You don't have the watering down effect you can get on a website that has to target multiple, potentially competing, keywords. If you successfully build the SEO value of your microsite, you can share that value with your main site with smart interlinking.

7. Microsites can be localized

If you are a global company promoting a new product or initiative in a limited geographic area, microsites let you localize the content. This is great for SEO and improves the user experience for your local customers.

8. Microsites eliminate distraction and increase leads

Microsites let the new product or initiative shine without distraction from the other competing messages on your main website. Watch leads increase with your new highly targeted message.

So there you have it -- eight good reasons to use microsites. If you test this strategy out on your next big initiative or product launch, I'd love to hear how it goes. Connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know how it worked for you!


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