Get Your Assets Into Gear: A Simple Digital Asset Management Comparison

Get Your Assets Into Gear: A Simple Digital Asset Management Comparison

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Maybe you’ve been hearing the word on the streets of the internet that you need to implement Digital Asset Management (or DAM) into your marketing workflow. Thankfully for you, we've been thinking a lot lately about brand assets and the importance of an organization system so that you can share it with others.

In short, Digital Asset Management solutions provide a central place to house and distribute your digital and brand assets. With the right platform, you can get every member of your company on the same page while also saving time and increasing productivity. If that isn’t enough to convince you, it is important to note that huge companies (like Open Table, UnderArmour, and Honda) with robust brands are implementing DAMs and it is revolutionizing the way they do business.

Once you have made the decision to implement a DAM into your company workflow, it can be difficult to research and narrow the choices down. There are so many different services that are geared toward companies of all sizes and needs. If you are ready to implement a DAM now but don't have the time to research, this quick look at some top names might help! 

1. Widen Collective 


  • The user interface is extremely easy and quick to use. It would integrate into your everyday workflow seamlessly
  • This product has a super cool dashboard that allows users to access recent activity and upload files quickly
  • Widen has an advanced search tool so finding what you need is easy
  • You can manage assets based on version number, digital rights, and expiration date
  • There are no task or time management tools available with this program. Because of this, you’d be adding another program to your             workflow that really only serves one purpose
  • It's a little hard to navigate and the search feature is a challenge to customize. Your team will have to be willing to put a lot of time in organizing the initial uploads in order to save time in the future day-to-day use. 

2. Bynder

  • This software is very easy to use for both production workers and management teams
  • The interface is easy to use and initial setup has been optimized for seamless integration
  • Bynder includes task-management features so you could potentially eliminate any other products that you use for that
  • Bynder has a creative project management module which allows for quick and easy review and approval of work 
  • A lot of modules that make this program what it is are not included and therefore add onto the cost
  • Bynder does not include social media sharing


3. PicturePark

  • PicturePark is the only one on our list that allows the option of traditional licensed software or software as a service (SaaS)
  • Collecting, categorizing, and searching for files is relatively easy
  • PicturePark allows for scalable storage options so you never run out of space
  • This platform uses metadata which enables you to design different schemas that fit different content types
  • There are provided "connectors" that allow you to integrate with Sharepoint, Dropbox, Youtube, Wordpress, and more
  • The platform is responsive so that you can view and manage your assets on the go 


  • There is no time or task management feature in this platform
  • The backend is very powerful on PicturePark which allows for heavy lifting by administrators but also makes the interface less user friendly and modern


Blog_old-webdam-logo_010617-1 (1).png

4. WebDAM

  • Sharing files with both internal and external users is very easy 
  • Since WebDAM is cloud-based, you can have unlimited storage and unlimited users 
  • Users can set up notifications so that they are always in the loop for file updates, additions, and deletions


  • The systems response time can be slow. You may need to ensure you have an IT person or department to support the backend 
  • You may have to do some training before the system can start helping your company 
  • Some users have complained that the search function is not easy to use and has some bugs 
  • Customer support is slow. If you have an immediate need you have to wait for a representative to call or e-mail you back

When it comes down to it, only you and your company can make the important decision of choosing the best DAM for you. There are some really cool tools out there to see quality product reviews and comparisons. Check out Top Ten Reviews and GetApp for more information on what digital asset management platform is right for you. 

Still not convinced you should be organizing and sharing your brand assets? This blog has all the persuasion you need! 

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