IoT Roundup: Stay Healthy Through The Holidays!

IoT Roundup: Stay Healthy Through The Holidays!

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I recently came down with the flu - which caused me to miss several holiday parties as well as a few days of work. It's no fun being sick around the holidays, but it is an occassional fact of life -- so I wanted to find some useful IoT products to help keep you healthy during the holidays so you can fully enjoy your time with family and friends!




Okay, so maybe this is a little overkill but super useful nonetheless. With this product you can apply a patch to your body and it will monitor your temperature and relay it to a companion app. This is geared towards younger children and monitors their temperature for up to 24 hours. "Rest for them, peace of mind for you."

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We all know how important it is to have a healthy heart. This device is perfect for people with heart issues or people who want to monitor their heart when doing a high intensity cardio workout. This product allows you to have your very own ECG/EKG for a fraction of the cost. It also has the ability to send the data it collects to your doctor!

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Mio Slice

If wearing a strap around your chest isn't ideal, take a look at this FitBit on steroids. Not only does it do sleep tracking, activity tracking, and heart rate detection; it includes your PAI score. This is a score based on all of the above metrics that you can view at a glance. So now you don't have to wonder how sleep is affecting your resting heart rate or number of steps - you can use the app to set a target PAI number.

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This Nashville based company is trying to improve the level of care and safety of aging adults. They provide a service, HoneyCo Check, that allows professional care agencies to monitor their visits to your parents or loved ones, and it's all built right into Alexa. While it is built mainly for professional care companies, you can use their HoneyCo Connect app in your own home as a standalone application. So if you have a loved one or family member in poor health and you aren't able to monitor them regularly, check out HoneyCo!

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