IoT Website Design Reflections: Telogis

IoT Website Design Reflections: Telogis

It's no secret that I kinda like Telogis' brand. For an Internet of Things company, they have figured a few things out. It isn't complicated, really - infact that may be why I like it so much. They have successfully created a brand and collateral that is simple, easy to follow, and modern all at the same time. 

It's no secret, once again, that I believe a lot of IoT companies don't get it right. So I always find it refreshing when I happen upon a beautiful tech company's website. This may be bold of me but to say but I think the design of an IoT brand and site can ultimately be the difference between success and failure. So let's look at Telogis' site and see what they are doing right: 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.10.29 AM

Successful Use of Photos and Videos 

When you come to the site, you are greeted with a beautiful hero space with interactive videos. These videos show everything from people using the platform to people working in the industry. I think the use of these videos is successful because it has a personal touch; If I were in the industry, I'd be able to imagine myself or my employees using the product. 

This isn't the only place they are using imagery successfully. Really the whole site is filled with images that further personify the brand and it's product. You can tell that the company has invested money in photography and videography and it's working in their favor. 

Images can be so powerful because they allow for the visitor to see a contextual example of the product being used in a way that helps people. These images and videos can take us to a place where we can more easily imagine ourselves using the product. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.19.58 AM

User Experience is at the Forefront 

Firstly and most importantly, I want to speak about the design of their navigation. Each item of the navigation has a dropdown style menu that gives the user a plethora of options. You can firstly go to an overview page or watch a 90 second overview. Or you can get more granular and go to the page of a specific platform that you want to learn more about. Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming but Telogis has found a way to make it simple and digestible. In this way, they are catering to a multitude of different personalities - people who want to cut to the chase, people who prefer video, or people who already kind of know what they want. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.25.55 AM

Secondly, I really love the organization of information that they have going on. Just below the hero image on the homepage, they have a spot for features. Instead of listing them all out with a horizontal row of icons like we typically see, they are using tabbed content. A user can click the feature they want to learn more about and they can navigate directly to that while still staying on the same page. The wonderful thing about this is they also feature a beautiful image with a platform screenshot as well so the user is always getting a really good idea of what they are navigating to. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 11.57.39 AM
There are three call-to-actions in the above screenshot 😵

Call-to-Actions Galore 

I'm not sure if I've ever noticed this many call-to-actions on a site before. The crazy thing about it is that's it's actually working. The strategically placed CTA's on this site are exactly where I want them to be to lead the visitor's through the conversion funnel. There's something for everyone and I believe it's probably working in their favor. 

No matter what section you make your way to, you have a decision to make. And the even cooler thing is, the CTA's have text in them that actually elicit an emotional response. For example "Increase Productivity" is much more powerful than "Learn More." It is these subtle decisions that make this site and it's interactivity go above and beyond. 

Clean Design 

They are doing all of these things right and it is all encapsulated in this beautiful, clean, and simple design. You can tell the company is confident in who they are and doesn't feel the necessity to add unnecessary design elements or too much copy. It's all very digestible and this is best in a culture that doesn't want to be inundated with unneccessary information. 


So how can we emulate Telogis when we create our own IoT website design? Be confident in who your company is and who they serve. Once you make this decision to be confident and stand tall in who you are, all of your design decisions will be better. Trust the designer who is working on your project. They may not know as much as you do about IoT or your product, but they do know what looks good and they know what your user wants to see. Lastly, continue to iterate and watch the analytics of what your potential customers respond to. If something isn't working, don't be afraid to change it. Your website isn't set in stone. 

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