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Published: 12/22/16 2:00 PM

Nice to Meet You: Jennifer Rudd

Post by Della Wheeler

Role at ThreeTwelve: Back-End Developer


What's your favorite...



Article of clothing? 

I have a Patagonia dress that can also be a skirt. It’s probably my favorite.



Memory from school? 

All the practicing and performing with dance teams from middle school through college.



Line from a movie? 

“C’est la vie.” “La vie.” “Nice. Solid Joke.” - Easy A



Technology-less activity? 

Hiking, Dancing



Thing to do on the weekend?

Hiking, House Projects, Mini Road trips



Show on Netflix?

New Girl, other shows that aren’t available anymore.


All About Jennifer

Where were you born?

East Ridge, Tennessee

What's been your biggest adventure?

My biggest adventures are some to come. But so far I would say visiting Niagra Falls or swimming with sting rays in the Caribbeans.

If you were permanently exiled from the back-end development world, what would do instead?

Travel or go back to school to be in the medical field, possibly travel RN.

What could you look at all day?


What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Visiting all the family, spending time with my brother.