Our Favorite Animated GIFs of 2016

Our Favorite Animated GIFs of 2016

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Since we intregated Slack into our workflow here at ThreeTwelve, the /giphy obsession has been real. It's not only the easiest way to communicate, but it's always a gamble and has been the source of many laughs. We just love gifs so it was hard to deny the chance to look through loads of them on Dribbble and Behance to create this collection. 


stay hungry r a d i o.gif

Stay Hungry by R A D I O

buckhunter_800x600 chris phillips.gif

Buck Hunter by Chris Phillips

crabvsshark_v2_fixed (1) Olle Engström.gif

Crab vs. Shark by Olle Engström

muti-1 bicycle day.gif

Bicycle Day by MUTI

meatloverspizza_800x600 chris phillips.gif

Meat Lovers Pizza by Chris Phillips

a_week_with_trump Jakov Šuran.gif

A Week With Trump by Jakov Šuran

rainbowcat-Shirley Wong.gif

Rainbow Cat by Shirley Wong


manimals_airtravel_800x600 Chris Phillips.gif

Air Travel by Chris Phillips

sulfuricia gif behance.gif

Untitled by Sulfuricia

scoobydoo_800x600 Chris Phillips.gif

Scooby Doo by Chris Phillips

squamish festival rafael varona behance.gif

Squamish Festival by Rafael Varona

yukai du plant communication behance.gif

Plant Communication by Yukai Du

prudential Chris Phillips.gif

Prudential by Chris Phillips

booty bear eran mendel.gif

Booty Bear by Eran Mendel


Snail by Gal Shir

And last but certainly not least, a recent ThreeTwelve Favorite: 



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