Podcast Reflection: 99% Invisible with Tom Geismar

Podcast Reflection: 99% Invisible with Tom Geismar

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During a recent road trip, I queued up a 99% Invisible podcast to pass the time.

I had no idea how relevant this particular interview by Roman Mars would be to my day to day work. Somehow, this podcast keeps coming up. Presenting to a client? Relevant. Brainstorming for a project? Relevant.


99% Invisible | EPISODE 295 | Making a Mark: Visual Identity with Tom Geismar

Some key takeaways from Roman’s interview with graphic designer Tom Geismar of Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv:

  1. Successful logos are not always understood or well-received initially. There seems to be a “breaking-in” period before even the most successful and recognizable logotypes are accepted.
  2. A logo is only as good as its content! A sports team logo serves a different purpose than a bank logo and thus requires different design guidelines. ('cause we all know, content is king.)

  3. However, regardless of the purpose, logos should be distinctive and flexible. You need to be able to throw your logo on anything from sticker to business card to trade show booth, plus any other collateral. (You should see how many trade show pens I have in my desk drawer! Gotta love the freebies…)

Here's a link to the podcast. Give it a listen if you have time - it will likely have a positive impact on your design thinking!

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