IoT Logo Design Reflections: Filament, Kontakt.io, and Telogis

IoT Logo Design Reflections: Filament, Kontakt.io, and Telogis

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At an IoT focused marketing company, you spend a lot of time thumbing through IoT businesses and their brands. Our design team spends countless hours on research and development for our clients brands. Along the way we've picked up some favorites and we are here today to share some of those with you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our reflections:



Blockchain Hardware and Software

I really admire Filament's logo and overall brand design. They've chosen a really modern and clean look while also providing some playfulness and trustworthiness. The logo features a simple typeface and a singular 'iconic' figure. I think this is a wonderful prototype to follow as an IoT company because it gives you a strong typeface while also providing some illustration elements. The logo can stand alone as a logotype or as an icon and I think that's always a great flexibility to have. The icon itself, while slightly overdone in IoT, makes sense for what they provide: ''allowing companies to securely connect devices and machines that interact and transact value independent of a central authority." The connected dots imply connectivity and the big block in the center shows the independence factor. It is all coming together as one. 




Bluetooth Beacons and Location Solutions

Here with Kontakt, we have a very simple and straight-forward logo. I really like the abstract imagery that the icon provides. It represents the shape of their actual beacons while also hinting at the connectivity of the device itself. I also love the icon because it provides a singular shape to add to the beacons themselves. It can stand alone without the typography and still convey the brand's image and message. As far as the type goes, I really enjoy the treatment that was added to the letters to further imply connectivity while also remaining simple and timeless. It's really got some personality to it and feels true to what they're providing. 



Enterprise Fleet Management

Here at ThreeTwelve, we are super fond of the branding and user experience work that Telogis displays on their website. Their logo specifically truly does fit in the realm of enterprise and since the company is owned by Verizon, it does have a corporate feel. The typeface is another representation of a simple and easy to read option which is always the best practice for a logo design. As far as the three rings, we are left to guess. It could be that their solution includes three main offerings: web-based software, mobile apps and integration tools. It also kind of reminds me of a key-ring which harkens to fleet, truck-driver imagery. Regardless, I like the feel and will probably continue admiring the company for their exceptional design.

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