What You Need to Launch Your New IoT Business - A Checklist

What You Need to Launch Your New IoT Business - A Checklist

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So you've done all the hard work of creating a brand new IoT business - all of the software has been created and your platform is up and running. You may even have some interested clients or users testing your product before you launch. At this point, you are probably eager to get your product or service out to the people who need it most.

You've put in the work and now it's time to position yourself in your market. But before you can do that, there are a number of deliverables you will need in order to make the most of your launch. We've compiled a list here of the most important things you will need to launch your IoT company:

1. Logo and Tagline

First and most importantly, you have your brand's image. Not only do you have to come up with an innovative name for your company, you have to create the image that will represent you.

Your logo and tagline are a true first impression of your company so it is vital to have a clear and concise name and image. Logos are a wonderful opportunity to meld classic and contemporary to make something that is always eye catching but will truly stand the test of time.

Check out our Logo Process for Wireless Watchdogs here →

2. Business Cards

Once you've got a name, logo, and tagline, it's time to get some business cards created. This will be an amazing tool for all of your employees to go out in the field and network. Making these connections is almost nothing if you don't have an item with your contact info to leave behind.

A business card should be simple and easy to read so that it can make a huge impact at a trade show or networking event. If your business card is well designed and high quality, it will stand out among the rest and you are more likely to receive a follow up call or email.

See our Wireless Watchdogs Business cards here →

3. Social Media Presence

The time is now to start getting active on social media. With 2.8 billion users worldwide, it could be on of your greatest assets. And with so many social automation tools, it is easier now than ever.

The important thing to remember with social media is where your target audience is most active. Instagram may be one of the fastest growing platforms but are your users there? We have found that most IoT professionals are using LinkedIn as their platform.

Thankfully for you, LinkedIn has some incredible tools to boost sales for businesses. Not only can you create a custom company page for your business, you can use their Sales Navigator tool. The solution’s features include: lead recommendations, account and contact import and CRM sync (Salesforce), advanced search with Lead Builder (access up to 400 million up-top-date professional profiles), account pages, and a social selling index dashboard (to measure your efforts).

4. Website

Your website will be the most foolproof way to reach people without much long-term work on your part. Once your team has done the initial lift of creating the website and working on SEO, you can essentially sit it and forget it.

If you want to be more involved, we recommend creating a content calendar and plan for making blog posts and creating gated pieces. This will ensure that your website is always collecting high quality leads to grow your business.

See ClearBlade's Website →

5. Company Overview Piece

How cool would it be if you not only have business cards but you also have a one-sheeter or brochure that gives a solid overview of your company? Since your business card can't detail every product or service that you offer, this is a stellar piece to leave behind.

If you are planning on visiting any trade shows or events, this piece could be vital to giving someone a quick glimpse into what you offer. We recommend something small and easy to hold on to. It's important to remember that people typically receive so many different pieces of paper at these events so try to consider something unique that will stand out.

6. Sales Deck

A sales deck is the perfect piece for your sales team to use for walking a potential client through your product. It is also wonderful for a presentation for potential investors. Get your team to create a template that is easily editable in Powerpoint, Google Slides or Prezzi so that they can customize for their needs.

The perfect template is simple, branded, and easy to read. A presentation doesn't have to be your fanciest piece, it just needs to be effective.

See our KORE Wireless Sales Deck →

Once you've got all of these items, you are ready to hit the market strong and proud! If you have no idea where to begin, we are pros at this whole thing. Contact us for more information about our marketing and creative services. 

Or get inspired here with our Humanizing the IoT case study:

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