Who are you? Why should I care?

We ask the questions that help you develop insightful brand positionining and smart marketing strategies.

Our B2B Technology and IoT Brand Strategy + Marketing Services

You might be a start-up. Or a company in transition (new leadership, new acquisition?). Or maybe your natural growth has started to flatten. In any case, you’re at a place where you need to create or evaluate your brand positioning and marketing strategy. We can help.

Positioning: Three Critical Questions

Everything starts with these three questions. Answering them takes time and hard work, but in the end you’ll have a crystal clear picture of your unique position is in the market and how you can best communicate this to your prospects.

  • Who are you?
  • Why should I care?
  • Why should I believe you?

You might end up with a positioning statement that looks like this:

We offer an auditing platform that flags security risks commonly missed by developers (but not the FDA) in connected medical devices. Our platform is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, law firms and intelligence agencies around the world.

To arrive at a meaningful positioning statement we may do the following: 


Brand Audit

Evaluate how your brand is performing against industry benchmarks and against your own internal goals.


Customer, stakeholder and market research, including surveys and interviews, can bring to light previously unknown risks and opportunities. 

Strategy Workshop

The most effective strategies are the ones that stakeholders and leadership participate in and own. We work together to develop strategies with strong buy-in.

If you are launching a new product or company, we can also help with naming, naming systems and brand identity. 

Marketing Strategy

When your position is clear, your strategy becomes clear. You now know who your customers are, you know who you are and you know the value you bring. Getting this message in front of the most receptive audience is the next step.

We work with you to develop a solid B2B marketing strategy that includes:


Goals + KPI's

Everything starts with goals. We’ll decide on the key performance indicators and establish goals at the very start of our planning sessions.

Marketing Plans

No more winging it. Mapping out your entire year of marketing keeps you focused on the strategy. Set the course and give it time to work.

Content Marketing

We believe in content marketing as a central strategy for B2B companies. We can plan, develop and distribute content in close collaboration with your internal experts.

Digital Marketing

Pay-per-click, display and social media ads, email -- these are the tools that can boost your content marketing, increase brand awareness and drive prospects to your website.

Media Buying

If traditional media makes sense for your business, we can plan and manage media buying and placement.

Performance Measurement

If we are working on all of this strategy, it’s critical we measure performance and consistently work to optimize results. Analytics is a big part of what we do and forms the foundation for all strategy.

Although we offer branding and research as standalone services, most clients with whom we work to build position and strategy are retainer clients. We offer retainer packages and you can learn more about those here.


"Working with ThreeTwelve is the definition of a true partnership. Far from being just an agency, they have become a strategic business partner in ways that other agencies don't match. They have upped KORE's game in ways that I never imagined."

Norman Miglietta, Director Global Marketing at KORE