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The campaign to humanize a technology brand.

The People Powering IoT: An Integrated Campaign

KORE Wireless has long been a global player in the 2G / 3G / LTE space, providing connectivity to users around the world. But as their capabilities, reach and services expanded through acquisitions and organic growth, the company began to realize that their existing brand messaging had become fragmented in terms of conveying everything that KORE was capable of providing.

Messaging, Strategy + Execution

The People Powering IoT Campaign

KORE engaged ThreeTwelve to develop messaging that better captured their capabilities and their future vision. The "People Powering IoT" campaign was a way to simultaneously achieve two goals for KORE: Externally, to better convey to potential clients what KORE was all about, while at the same time internally unifying all of KORE's staff around the world and rallying them around a single, defining idea of what KORE was and what they as a company could accomplish.  

ThreeTwelve designed, wrote copy for, and executed on a wide variety of creative, including a responsive website redesign, posters, trade show booths and stand-ups, sales decks and other presentations, and other collateral, making The People Powering IoT an integrated campaign that has touched all aspects of KORE's brand and messaging both internally and externally.  

When KORE went live with this campaign, website visits went up 30%, landing page visits went up over 18%, and landing page submissions rose by an astounding 73%.


KORE Websites

The KORE website was designed and built with a focus on lead generation and lead nurturing. Content is central to the strategy as is communicating the complexities of their offering in a concise and easy-to-understand way. The design and strategy was carried across all of the KORE regional website around the globe, including North America, EMEA, APAC and Brazil.

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Creative Design

Corporate and Sales Presentations

The presentations are used by KORE's C-suite and other high-level executives to provide an overview and introduction of KORE to potential partners. The design is flexible, easily edited, but still provides a polished a professional image of the company.


Creative Design + Copywriting

Corporate Brochures and Data Sheets

Numerous data sheets and a corporate overview were developed to feature KORE’s variety of IoT and M2M solutions.


Creative Design + Messaging

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show exhibits items included roll-up banners, wall displays, and all pieces of a 40' by 40' booth for the CTIA Wireless Industry show in Las Vegas.


Creative Design + Messaging

Employee Engagement Posters

The "People Powering IoT - We are KORE" posters were written and designed for internal display within KORE's offices. They are specific to business units and reflect the various ways in which KORE employees can come to work each day and recognize that they are The People Powering IoT.


ThreeTwelve is at the forefront of agencies specializing in the IoT, M2M, telematics, and technology ecosystems, and what they have done for us is priceless and irreplaceable. I have worked with bigger agencies. I have never worked with a better agency. Their industry experience, depth of knowledge, thought leadership, creative abilities and truly caring and collaborative nature set them apart. They are absolutely in a league of their own.

Felix Lluberes, EVP, KORE Wireless