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VIE Technologies: Disrupting Downtime

VIE Technologies brings together smart sensors, licensed 220MHz spectrum, a proprietary LPWAN protocol, and a joint human / AI real-time platform into a disruptive whole. Designed from the ground up to meet customer needs, our system is truly end-to-end. Smart sensor data is sent via our licensed spectrum, incorporating a smart platform that leverages human-AI interaction. VIE provides a solution that constantly learns and improves to best manage your assets, dramatically reducing your costly, unplanned downtime. 

ThreeTwelve was approached to name, brand and launch the website for this IoT startup in just 6 weeks. The aggressive timeline made for no-nonsense strategy, design and development phases.


Website Design

The website incorporates industrial images into a clean layout, utilizing motion graphics and a distinct color palette to inform about VIE Technologies' industrial IoT solution.




Logo, Brand Book + Stationary

VIE Technologies’ Logo comprises two elements, the logo icon & logo type. The logo icon is a powerful image evoking the Internet of Things - the connection between the strength of communication & the different points that influence. The logo type was carefully chosen for its modern & yet refined, highly legible style, which has been further enhanced by the use of upper case letters. The colors were chosen for their strong combination - modern, classic, timeless.




Overview Data Sheet

ThreeTwelve developed a corporate overview data sheet featuring VIE Technologies’ Downtime Solutions Suite. The data sheet utilizes the colors, typeface and other elements from the brand guide.




Trade Show Exhibit

This booth design was used at an investor trade show, promoting VIE Technologies' Downtime Solution Suite.



MESSAGING + Motion Graphics

VIE Technologies Explainer Video

ThreeTwelve scripted, storyboarded and animated an explainer video about VIE Technologies for use on the website and at trade shows.



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