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Mobile Device Management Solutions for Business

As a boutique business with a big mission, Wireless Watchdogs provides hands-on customized solutions that turn businesses with mobile and IoT device management challenges into customers who realize the increased efficiencies that managed devices can bring.


Website Redesign

Wireless Watchdogs has provided mobile device management (MDM) solutions for over 20 years, and their services and solutions are constantly evolving to stay abreast with the latest in connected devices.

Their branding and marketing efforts?

Not so much.

So we set out to do what we do best: Get them the clients they deserve by using brand strategy and creative thinking to implement a blend of best-practice inbound and outbound marketing. With a huge focus on content marketing, the brand message evolved to be more clear and concise. To back that up, we modernized the overall look and feel with simplified and powerful design elements.  

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Logo Redesign

Before we could delve into the website and collateral design for Wireless Watchdogs, their brand needed an overhaul. With an in-depth brand analysis and logo redesign, we worked extensively with them on a new look that brings them up to date. 






The Problem

The sales prospecting model used by Wireless Watchdogs was based primarily on cold-calling -- and as anyone in sales can tell you, that's a generally inefficient and unpleasant model. In their own words, what Wireless Watchdogs wanted was to be "less hunter, more gatherer" when it came to leads and prospects. Inbound marketing was a perfect fit for them in terms of their business model and their demand generation goals.

The Solution

In a very small nutshell, inbound marketing (content marketing) is the creation of content that will organically attract visitors. To do it right, though, involves a lot more work than that simple sentence might suggest to you.
We first worked with Wireless Watchdogs to identify their buyer personas, using existing customers and industry knowledge to identify archetypes with differing business needs. These personas are the audience for whom all future content will be created.
We then mapped the interests of each persona through the stages of their buyer journey onto an editorial calendar aimed at moving each of the personas from Awareness to Consideration to Decision about the services offered by Wireless Watchdogs. That matrix of stages and personas was then populated with a mix of content -- blog posts, eBooks, social media, etc. -- designed to nurture the personas through the funnel and ultimately to convert them into well-qualified leads.
The Tools
Hubspot and its marketing automation software / platform was the right set of tools for building out the Wireless Watchdogs solution. The various buyer personas, campaigns, nurturing emails, blog content, and everything else we created for Wireless Watchdogs was built using Hubspot marketing tools. Even better, the redesigned website we built for them is also hosted on Hubspot, so every page could be tied to specific personas and campaigns, emails sent, analytics gathered and reported on, and iterative improvements made -- all without leaving the platform, and all without the risk of missing out on the collection of meaningful metrics.


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