ThreeTwelve Creative Wins Davey Award for Rational Golf

ThreeTwelve Creative Wins Davey Award for Rational Golf

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Strong art direction and design, coupled with effective messaging and copywriting, earns ThreeTwelve Creative a 2016 Davey Award.

Rational Golf owner, engineer and inventor Gisle Sohlhaug invented a proven method of helping golfers to improve their game -- and then came to ThreeTwelve Creative for help in inventing the Rational Golf branding and web site that would bring his method to golfers everywhere.

Laying Out the Course

It's been an amazing journey working with Gisle on Rational Golf, beginning with the logo design that reflected the science underlaying his algorithm and moving into the "Results Driven by Science" tagline that explicitly called out the science element while also playing on "Drive," a key part of every hole of golf that a golfer plays.

With the logo and tag in place. site design and copywriting commenced. 



As users click or scroll down the home page, they are presented with the problems inherent to golf clubs and their game.





Users are then presented with the solution to these problems -- Rational Golf -- and the ways in which Rational Golf can benefit them.


And of course, a call-to-action that moves the visitor into membership. 


Better than Par for the Course

 We're proud of this Davey Award for the work we've done with Rational Golf. The Davey Awards represent the best of work that small agencies are doing, and we're proud of the recognition. But we're also proud to of the relationship we've built with Gisle and the Rational Golf team over the course of this project, and we're proud that, more than just his agency, Gisle calls us "friends."

And we're proud to call him a friend, as well.

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Are you a golfer? Be sure and check out Rational Golf for yourself.

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