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Current Speaking Topic: "Define Yourself Differently"

Help your IoT / Tech Company audience understand more about the importance of marketing 

DAVID_BIO_PICAccording to research from the Harvard Business School, a failure to properly market is among the top ten reasons why startups fail -- even (or especially?) in a vibrant ecosystem like IoT.

ThreeTwelve co-founder David Dewhirst passionately believes in sharing his thinking and knowledge with the tech community, and is always ready and willing to speak on both the importance of marketing as well as things for companies to keep in mind as they engage in this vital area of business.

David's presentations are not sales pitches.

Instead, in "Define Yourself Differently," he fuses wit and wisdom to focus on topics that every IoT and tech company needs to know:

◎ The Field of Dreams Fallacy and the 10X Trap

◎ The importance of owning a category

◎ Defining Yourself Differently in order to discover and create categories

◎ Cementing category leadership

... and whatever else comes to mind or comes up along the way as he does his part to ensure that the rising tide of the IoT truly lifts all ships.

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