How Will You Stand Out in a Crowded IoT Market?

As a specialized IoT marketing consultancy, we help companies find their differentiator and develop the messaging around it.

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ThreeTwelve is a marketing consultancy with a focus on B2B tech companies and companies within the IoT ecosystem. Our clients appreciate that we “get” them. We help tech companies, and especially B2B IoT companies, understand what marketing is and how to do it. From positioning to content marketing to webinars to analytics, you have a variety of tools at your disposal throughout the client acquisition funnel. We help you identify those tools, and to make proper use of them.

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We do our best work when we there is a strong spirit of collaboration between us and you. Here's some of the ideas we've created with our partners, and the creative work we have done to help realize those ideas. But don't forget the rest.


Engineering the Connected World

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KORE Wireless

Humanizing a Technology Company

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We have a rich history of sharing our ideas and thoughts not just with our clients, but with the IoT and tech ecosystems as a whole. We have a strong vocational calling to teach -- and we're always happy to put our thoughts on marketing out into the world.

Why $.01 per Word for IoT Content Is a Terrible Deal

At ThreeTwelve Creative, we focus on IoT content marketing for a reason. Getting quality emails, white papers, and blog posts in front of potential customers is the key to..


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"Working with ThreeTwelve is the definition of a true partnership. Far from being just an agency, they have become a strategic business partner in ways that other agencies don't match. They have upped KORE's game in ways that I never imagined."

Norman Miglietta, Director Global Marketing at KORE


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