Raising awareness about the dangers of firmware vulnerabilities. 


ReFirm is an emerging leader in the IoT security space.

Client Brief: ReFirm Labs is an enterprise, consumer, and IoT security company that has developed a radically new approach to securing connected devices through a process of firmware validation. By rapidly identifying security vulnerabilities in networked devices, ReFirm Labs helps protect manufacturers and large enterprises from the devastating technical, social, and financial costs of firmware-level attacks. Built by a group of world-class experts in IoT security, the company’s Centrifuge Platform automates a proprietary firmware analysis process developed for high-stakes security applications. 


Website Redesign

ReFirm Labs came to us with the goal of growing brand visibility while increasing website visits, building contacts, and growing their content & social media presence. We streamlined the design and content, simplifying as much as possible while creating a cohesive brand identity. The website’s clear messaging and ease of use echos their offering: a platform that can help companies uncover firmware vulnerabilities in under thirty minutes.

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Solution Overview Data Sheet

ThreeTwelve developed copy and design for a data sheet to summarize the offerings of ReFirm Labs. Utilizing the updated website’s style guide, the result was a one-pager that reinforces the brand’s identity, while instilling trust and credibility.

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Terry Dunlap, ReFirm Labs' Co-Founder & CEO