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A platform to secure the IoT.

IoT Security Platform

The Centrifuge IoT Security Platform by Tactical Network Solutions is a cyber-risk mitigation solution that protects users, eases underwriting, and speeds time to market for connected medical devices.

Creative Design + Copywriting

Solution Overview Data Sheet

Tactical Network Solutions engaged ThreeTwelve to develop copy and design for the solution overview data sheet for their Centrifuge IoT Security Platform. Without a strong existing brand identity, ThreeTwelve created a visual design that instilled trust and reliability -- critical for a solution in the connected health space.

ThreeTwelve Tactical Network Solutions Centrifuge Data Sheet

Creative Design + Copywriting


Tactical Network Solutions wanted an infographic they could share with their network and use a lead generation tool. The infographic educates developers on potential weaknesses in their code that could leave them vulnerable to security risks. This highlights the value proposition of the Centrifuge IoT Security Platform, while remaining a primarily educational piece of content.

ThreeTwelve Tactical Network Solutions Infographic

ThreeTwelve understands the IoT marketplace and provide timely and responsive marketing services for our IoT-focused business. Having an agency that "gets it," like ThreeTwelve, makes communicating our needs and vision a breeze.

Terry Dunlap, CEO, Tactical Network Solutions