IoT Channel Partners Program

We are the IoT marketing partner you and your clients need.

With years of experience in marketing strategies, creative, and execution for IoT, SaaS, PaaS, and other tech companies, ThreeTwelve understands the ecosystem better than almost any other agency – and growing IoT companies within that ecosystem is what we do.

One Powerful Reason to Partner with Us

If you're an IoT or PaaS company, your revenue model doubtless includes a per-device subscription charge for client devices on your platform. 

Thus, the better your clients do, the better you do and the more money you make. It's simple math.

We can help your clients with marketing to increase the number of devices they're putting on your platform. They win. You win. We win. 

Check out our programs below, and contact us if you'd like to talk more about any channel partner arrangement.

Contact Us About Partnering

Referral Program

  • Channel Partner contracts to refer customers needing our services.
  • ThreeTwelve pays monthly referral fee of business we close.
  • ThreeTwelve also contractually agrees to refer business to the partner when appropriate.

Reseller Program

  • Channel partner offers our services white-labeled as their own at an agreed-upon rate.
  • Channel partner can bundle with their other services and mark up as desired.
  • Project management can be handled by partner staff, or ThreeTwelve can provide a dedicated project manager that operates as partner staff.

Co-selling Program

  • ThreeTwelve participates in the sales process with the channel partner.
  • Channel partner and ThreeTwelve able to offer complete, Ready for Market solutions via one contract.
  • ThreeTwelve bills channel partner for marketing portion of solution.

All of our partner programs are flexible – so regardless of which program you choose, ThreeTwelve will work with you to implement the channel partner solution you need. Enabling your customers to realize higher revenue for both themselves and for you is empowering for everyone, and a win for all. Download the data sheet.

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